Program Requirements

Admission Requirements

  1. We will accept in-person, on-line or hybrid classes for the three lab-required courses: Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology I, and Anatomy & Physiology II.
    **Starting September 01, 2024, hybrid classes for Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology I and Anatomy & Physiology II will be accepted however, the lab must be in-person
  2. Bachelor’s degree, attained by August at the latest, of the year in which the applicant is applying to the CEIN program (with undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher preferred)
  3. An official transcript showing degree conferral is required before the application can be reviewed by the faculty committee.  Holding a bachelor’s degree is required before applying to a second-degree program
  4. Required courses, with a B- or better, taken within eight years of enrollment:
    • Anatomy and Physiology I with lab: 4 credits
      (UConn PNB 2264 or 2774; CT State Community College BIO 2111; University of Phoenix BIO 290 (accepted until September 01, 2024); Eastern HSC 318; Portage Learning BIOD 151 (accepted until September 01, 2024))
    • Anatomy and Physiology II with lab: 4 credits
      (UConn PNB 2265 or 2775 & 2776; CT State Community College BIO 2112; University of Phoenix BIO 291 (accepted until September 01, 2024); Eastern HSC 319; Portage Learning BIOD 152 (accepted until September 01, 2024))
    • Chemistry with lab: 4 credits
      (UConn CHEM 1122, CHEM 1124Q, CHEM 1127Q or CHEM 1128Q; CT State Community College CHEM 1110, CHEM 1210 or CHEM 1220; University of Phoenix CHEM 150 or CHEM 151 (accepted until September 01, 2024); Eastern CHE 200; Portage Leaning CHEM 103 or CHEM 104 (accepted until September 01, 2024))
    • Biology (no lab required): 3 credits
      (UConn BIO 1107; CT State Community College BIO 1210; University of Phoenix BIO 101T or 350, Eastern HSC 215, BIO 202; Portage Learning BIOD 101)
    • Microbiology (no lab required): 3-4 credits
      (UConn MCB 2610; CT State Community College BIO 2350; University of Phoenix BIO 340 or SCI 250; Eastern HSC 425; Portage Learning BIOD 171)
    • Human Genetics (no lab required): 3-4 credits (within 5 years of enrollment)
      (UConn MCB 2400 or MCB 2410; CT State Community College BIO 2600; University of Phoenix BIO 410; Eastern HSC 313; Portage Learning BIOD 210)
    • Statistics (grade of C or better (a C- is not accepted)): 3 credits
      (UConn STAT 1100Q or STAT 1000Q; CT State Community College MATH 1200 or MATH 1201; University of Phoenix MTH 217; Eastern HSC 430; Portage Learning  MATH 110
  5. Application Review to establish competency in the sciences and other indicators of potential for success in the program.

        Health Requirements

        The following health related requirements must be completed 6 months prior to beginning coursework. Students who fail to provide written documentation that they have met the stated health requirements will not be allowed to start the program. Faculty reserve the right to recommend a student's withdrawal from the program for reasons of health. Please contact UConn's Office of Clinical Placement Coordination with health compliance questions or concerns.

        • In addition to pre-entrance University requirements, students admitted to the School of Nursing must present evidence of the following 3 months prior to the start of the program:
        • Tdap immunization within the past 10 years
        • Four doses of poliomyelitis vaccine administered before age 8, positive Polio titer, or adult Polio booster
        • Annual Seasonal Influenza vaccination
        • Physical examination dated within 12 months
        • Annual Tuberculosis testing (either IGRA/BAMT blood test or two-step Mantoux PPD); annual chest x-ray for positive reactors
        • Titers showing positive immunity to the following (re-vaccination and repeat titer required if the primary titer is negative):
          • Rubeola (Measles),
          • Mumps
          • Rubella,
          • Varicella
          • Hepatitis B
        • You must submit documentation of a COVID-19 vaccine (either two-dose series or single dose vaccine plus a booster). If approved by UConn for a medical or religious exemption, submit approval email or Student Health & Wellness Immunization History report showing the exemption to ADB/Complio. Note that declining the COVID-19 vaccine may limit the availability of clinical/field site placements.
        • Any other tests required by affiliating agencies.



        Clinical Requirements

        Nursing students are required to complete a series of clinical learning experiences to successfully meet the learning outcomes of their program of study.  Before participating in clinical learning experiences, students are required to meet specific compliance criteria, including but not limited to a certification in CPR from the American Heart Association’s Basic Life Support (BLS) course (qualifying courses include adult/child/infant one and two-person rescuer, which must use AED and require skill demonstration), and a criminal background check and drug testing by specific published deadlines. Fingerprinting may also be required.

        NOTE: Students are responsible for covering the costs of these requirements.

        PLEASE NOTE: The School of Nursing cannot guarantee that a student will be accepted into any required clinical placement sites if the student cannot meet the placement site’s compliance requirements. Use of drugs, prescribed or otherwise, may create a risk of being denied a clinical placement. This includes, but is not limited to, prescribed medical marijuana or opiates. If you have concerns about prescribed medications, please contact your healthcare provider. The results of a criminal background check or drug screening may prevent a student from completing a clinical placement.

        If a student is not accepted to an assigned placement because of their health or immunization status or the findings of a background check or drug screen, the UConn School of Nursing does not guarantee an alternate clinical placement. If your health or immunization status or the findings of a required screening prevent you from being placed in qualifying clinical placement sites for your experience, you will not be able to complete the nursing program. Failure to complete all required clinical activities will prevent a student from graduating from the School of Nursing, and the School of Nursing policy dictates that students who are unable to complete clinical requirements for any reason will be subject to dismissal from the program.

        If you have questions or concerns about potential results from a background check or drug screening, please contact the University Case Manager at 860-486-8850 or , who can discuss the University policy and process for screenings with you.

        If you have any other concerns which you believe may interfere with your participation in clinical, please contact the University Clinical Case Manager at 860-486-8850 or

        LINK to accommodations in handbook



        NOTE: The process of obtaining a nursing license in Connecticut and many other states may involve consideration of an applicant's background check, criminal history or other conduct (see Connecticut license application). Criminal convictions and/or a record of certain other conduct may prevent a nursing student/graduate from being licensed and may preclude the nursing graduate from obtaining gainful employment as a nurse. Prior to enrollment, applicants to the UConn School of Nursing are encouraged to determine, prior to enrollment, the licensure requirements in the state(s) in which they intend to practice.


        Graduation from the CEIN/BS program meets all curricular requirements for licensure in the U.S.

        Please check with each individual state or country for other registered nurse licensure requirements.