Lori-Anne Lowry

MSN, RN-CVBC, CNL, Clinical Instructor

School of Nursing

I became a nurse after a significant personal event in my life that changed everything. I had to reexamine my life as well as that of my children and map out a new path moving forward.  Life would never be the same for us. I learned about nursing and the kind of life tragedies they faced daily. I wanted to give back what I had learned.  Nursing brought me out of my darkness and gave me a purpose. It also taught my children empathy and to be self-sufficient.

As a clinical nurse leader, educator, preceptor, mentor, and staff RN, I have found a teaching method that has been successful for both myself, and my students. I have defined success for my teaching through students as they successfully progress through graduation and NCLEX, and my own professional satisfaction.  Teaching through the pandemic has only broadened my teaching pedagogy and what was deemed possible through all the restraints of COVID.

Most of my teaching is based on Jean Watson’s Theory of Caring. Caring for patients promotes growth and a caring environment accepts a person for what and who they are. This caring helps to promote relationships between patients and students as well as building a successful foundation between the teacher and student relationship. While some students may observe nursing practice that is not per policy or evidence based, my reply is always “What kind of nurse do you want to be?”

Lori-Anne Lowry
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